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Is there a way to interface these w/LOR?

Dan Dameron

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Dan Dameron wrote:

I saw this : http://www.deepdarc.com/2010/11/27/hacking-christmas-lights/

and was wondering if there is a way S2 could control them...

There is a lot of work in the DIY field (Smart Strings {http://diylightanimation.com/}, Protocol Bridge {http://forums.auschristmaslighting.com/}, or commercial available DMX devices) for "pixel's" and LOR (Cosmic Color Bulbs) has said they are working on them also. So keep your eye's open this next year.

The BIGGEST issue with all of this is the software needs to catch up to operate with 1000's of channels. Channel counts go CRAZY quickly when you talking each light has 3 channels - so 170 = 510 channels. The people I know running pixels this year all spent a TON of time with the software and it wasn't easy. The second problem right behind telling it what to do is just talking to it (Bandwidth) - the DIY community has adopted a well documented and high bandwidth protocol of DMX where you know the max and have developed devices to allow for multiple universes (EtherconGateway - http://www.j1sys.com/ethcongateway/) at a low price point (<$200 and replaces you DMX dongle).

So after that long rant - My prediction - I think you going to see two (2) things this next year company separating there hardware from software (LOR kind of did this with the DMX protocal addition to their hardware but I think S3 (NO NOT A HINT just a WAG) you will see the software and hardware be less linked (IE: LOR Software driving DMX directly - Lynx Hardware)). Or/ And see new software people start to transition too - IE: Drive LOR Hardware via DMX with XYZ {Not S2}. I think you will see people do a little research on the software since it looks like (AGAIN WAG) will be a paid upgrade.

So theoretically S2 can drive stuff like this NOW - well in DMX with a iDMX (Know someone doing this NOW here in Dallas).

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Here is a 30 plus page thread on DIY regarding those particular Costco lights, and how a "team" including Darco, are trying to reverse engineer the "language" those lights use.


So the quick answer to your question is no, LOR S2 cannot control them.

However, as Harrison pointed out, control of RGB pixels with LOR is possible, (think Cosmic Color Ribbon) and the soon to be released Cosmic Color Bulbs, as well as what the guys on the Aussie forums are doing.

As well as Mr Packet Head and the Response Box guys. They are selling this stuff now.


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