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Daisy chaining Rainbow Floods Question

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Hey guys,

Planning next years display.

My plan is this, you can tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. I have a tree in my front yard that I want to light up with the Rainbow floods. I want to put three floods on the ground equally around the tree. I want to put the rainbow spots around the trunk shining on the trunk of the tree again equally distant around the tree. And I'm going to climb about 20-25 feet into the tree and attach the other three rainbow floods on large branches shining up again equally distant around the tree. On one RGB channel I would like to have on RGB Flood on the ground, the spot on the trunk and one flood in the tree. This would give me three RGB channels to change the tree in colors in thirds around the tree. All the lights would be protected in all weather work light units.

I have a 12 volt 12 amp power supply. My question is this.
Using the CMB16D DC Controller, could I daisy chain both floods and the spot light on one run? I.E. Board to flood 1, flood 1 to spot, spot to flood 2 in tree.

If the cat 5 can't handle that much power could I just use three cat 5 cords and twist the individual ends of all three wires together and then secure them in the screw terminals on the CMB16D and then run each cord plug to the terminal on the floods and spot? Would this create some type of hazard?

Or would I have to buy additional CMB16D's and run one Flood on each RGB channel?


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A cat5 cable would not handle 3 Rainbow Floods daisy chained. (2 max, although I'm not really comfortable with that, I only use 1 per Cat5 and 1 per LOR DC board channel (use 2 boards) for my 10.

Figure 1 amp per flood for your power calculations.

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Definitely want to read this thread:

Floods are 1.06A when fully on. Max 2 floods daisy chained due to limitations of the cat5. Can multiple individual runs to the floods though. (Max 6 spots daisy chained).

CMB-16D-QC Controller limitations:
Configuration: Two banks of 8 channels
Individual channel capacity: 4 amps without heat sinks; 8 amps with heat sinks
Individual bank capacity: 20 amps (obviously you are limited to your power supply limits of 12A though).

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