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The news is coming out tonight!


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So I emailed my local Channel 17 news, and they are coming out tonight to film the weather segment in front of my lights. This is the first time I've had this kind of media attention. I'm a little nervous, but I don't think its like an interview, so I should be ok! haha

Hopefully this will increase traffic a bit.

Very exciting!

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pokrplr wrote:

It sure worked for us! Hopefully yours will air for the 10 or 11 o'clock news. I think the 6pm runs of the news don't get viewed as much

They told me it will be shown between 5 and 6. Not sure if they will replay it or not..
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It went AWESOME!

I was interviewed about 4 times, each time she went over the weather then asked me questions. Everything went well!

I'll be on the website soon, so I will post the video when they get it up.

Traffic has already increased. A major plus!

Very excited!

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