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Change Song? Convert Animation to Musical?

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Sorry if this has been answered, I'm searching the forums without much luck.

I've been playing with an Animation Sequence & using the Animation window to decide how to use my channels.

I'm settled, and I've built a number of 'sequence pieces' by saving different effects with different file names (like having a folder called Mega Tree, with files in it like Simple Spin, Simple Fade Spin, etc.)

Now I'm ready to start my first real song. I'd like to take my drawing from the animation and use it & the channels in the Musical Sequence.

Failing that, I can re-do the channels & Animation picture.. but will I have to re-do them for each song, or is there a 'pick different song' option I haven't found yet.

Finally, I assume if I re-do my work with the same channel order, I can still copy/paste sequence cells from an Animation Sequence to a Musical Sequence.. I hope!

Thanks for any help!

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To change from Animation to Musical - "File -> Save As" - Then in the bottom box select Musical. Be sure to change the extension to .LMS - Re-open the file, and select "Edit -> Audio File." Select the song you want to use.

To go from Musical to Animation - Reverse the process. You will be informed that you are going to lose the musical aspect.

To save the channel config and animation view, "Edit (Or Tools) -> Export Sequence." Then when you open a new file, "Edit (or tools) -> Import Sequence." This lets you duplicate yourset up across many sequences.

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Once again, dig through program then post.. sigh

Looks like I found what I was looking for in Export/Import Channel Configuration.

Now to see how long it will take me to build a song with a 'library' of pre-done sequences.

BTW, does everyone have a library of effects, or do people build from scratch each time.. or mebbe constantly copy pieces of other shows.. ?

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Thanks Don, I knew there had to be a way to change the Song file. It's been a long week.

BTW, the reply was fast. Too fast. Do you have a warning animation next to your pc kick off when someone posts? :laughing:

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