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help .newbit is sinking

robert spalding

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I need help….nothing saves

I created 3 sequences… let me restate that…. I got 2 sequences online from an experienced animator and made my own third sequence.

I loaded all three after a ton of mistakes and the three shows loaded successfully after a few attempts to the SD card provided by LOR but I never go tot try them because I decided I wanted to add another sequence song I liked.

The song I used was originally a wma but I used a AVS converter and changed it to a mp3 file. I made a las file so naturally I could not get it to work with a music file and it was never “save” in the LOR sequencer. I finally used the tap wizard to make my sequence with the new song it would save and I was beaming. *But I copied some of the animation from a .las file and pasted into the .lms file. Does that mean I would have to remake that file?

Now I cannot get the hard ware utility to save it on the SD disk that was fine before. It says I can set the start timing. I can’t save anything even the fist three sequences I saved originally on the SD.

The pop up tell me I have or bad set time file or the disk is not in the hardware utility or I have a bad file. I have refreshed it, tired different USB ports and used that some one I used originally the G drive that loaded successfully originally I have made.

Now I cannot get any file to load on the SD card…it says “Bad file name or number” anytime I try to load any file to the chip whether I try to keep resettin the timing file or not

My questions are

1. Could the new SD card now be bad if I loaded it in the LORmp3 controller while the unit was on in the first place and damaged the SD disk since the little USB hardware utility device doesn’t seem to see it?

2. Could the MP3 file I converted from a WMA be the issue even though I tried to reload the original three files that successfully loaded the first time.

3. I made sure the LOR sequence editor and the hardware program were not on at the sma time (saw a post about that)

4. I tried using the LORPost .xe file to refresh/reload/update the program

What could be wrong?...help I can be reached by phone....anytime

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I can't help you because I know next to nothing about the mini director cards and such. But if you want people to call you, you'll need to include a phone number.

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I used the mini director, you cannot just add another sequence, you need to start over again making a show with your files.

I use the Hardware utility for this.

Load the hardware utility, you do not have to scan for anything and ignore any error message for a comm port..

Click on the LOR MP3 tab.

Click on the Add Button and select your first sequence, let it load and show up in the "MP3 Player Show" list.

Do this for the other 3 sequences. You can now move them if the order if not right using the "Move Up" "Move Down" buttons.

When satisfied and you have your SD card inserted to your computer, then Click on the button "Create Show"

Click OK on Verify Drive.

Leave everything alone on the next screen or change the drive letter to point to the SD card drive.

Click on "Place Show on the SD Card" button.

If a show is there it will let you know you are about to erase it, say YES and let it make a new show.

Once done remove the SD card and insert it into the mini director and it should play your sequences.

Now the files on the SD card are not LMS files anymore, they are compact binary files and cannot be used to make corrections if you need any, you must use your LMS files and make your correction then make a new show again. There is no ADD or Append feature.

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Thanks for al the help.... now I have a slightly different problem

the card reads and saves the sequences but they wont play on the MP3 even though they did well on the LOR sequencer editor and loaded ok

I guess I need to recheck the audio speed to 128 on audacity as another post suggested but absent that...how to you check those files prior to saving outside of running them on the sequence editor?

I hooked a few lights up and a audio and they did not activate.... I programed the Sunday time schedule to work untill 11 pm est

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