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Well folks, less than 2 weeks before Halloween. I wanted to get something done to try out the LOR controllers before Christmas, so here's my attempt using a giant spider web made out of rope lights, a pumpin patch made of cheap halloween candy pails, assorted purple / orange strings and various "light-art" ghosts, skulls, witches, etc. Four 16 channel controllers in use. 15 channels on the web; 15 on the pumpkin patch, 14 channels for more pumpkins / light strings in front of the house and 13 on the side of house for more strings and the "light art".




BTW, the box you see attached to the telescoping flagpole (soon to be a 23' rope-light christmas tree...) in the picture above is a $13 load center box made by GE from Lowes. Gut the inside of the box, bend the inward-pointing flanges out, put in a few cable clamps and generously apply caulk and presto - instant weatherproof heavy metal boxes for the 16 channel controllers. For keeping the extension cord ends dry, does anyone have a better idea than putting the ends in a zip-lock bag and duc-taping it shut?


A huge thanks again to Carson Williams for posting the sequence to Wizards in Winter. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had the learning curve greatly reduced by working with this file. My version of "Halloween Wizards" can be found at http://www.rempes.com/halloween/ It's a bit dark, but it at least shows that the system works.

Anyone have any good ideas for halloween songs to sequence? In progress right now is "Tubular bells" (Exorcist theme) by Mike Oldfield. Other candidates are:

TV Themes:
Casper the Friendly Ghost
The Munsters
The Addams Family
Lost in Space
The Twilight Zone
Alfred Hitchcock Presents...
Outer Limits
Dark Shadows
Tales from the Crypt

The Nightmare before Christmas - This Is Halloween
The Purple People Eater


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I love the display. I did a very similiar setup with the web, but I dont have the smarts (or the money) to do a LOR setup, so I just used white rope and a spotlight.

As for more songs, I think the theme from Halloween would be an awesome light display as the keyboard changes pitch quite often and the background music kicks in. If you take video, I would love to see it!!!

Good luck!

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The pumpkin lights are halloween candy pails - .25 cents each at a local liquidation store. I drilled a 7/8" hole in the back and used C7 spring-clip sockets (normally used on ceramic Christmas houses, trees, etc). Each pumpkin is screwed onto a wooden marker stake.

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I agree - the theme to Halloween would work well. It's on the agenda for programming tonight. Over the past few days, I've completed 64 channel sequencies for "This is Halloween" and the theme for "The Exorcist". If anyone would like the .lms files for these tunes, just send me an e-mail. Additionally, if you have ANY halloween sequences you'd like to share, I'd love to look at them!

Providing it doesn't rain, I should have video of my new sequences up on my site late tonight.


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Originally, I was just doing an 8 minute animation sequence of fades and shimmers for halloween, but I decided it was a bit boring. I am planning on mixing in a couple musical sequences. Depending on how many I get through will determine my final show

Currently, I'm working on Night On Bald Mountain from Disney's Fantasia. It's got lots of speed changes and some dramatic build up.

Following that, here is my hit list for halloween:

O Fortuna - Apotheosis (Good Techno devil music)

Monster Mash

Phantom Of the Opera

If anyone already has sequences for these songs, I would greatly appreciate it.

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