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Controller won't reset


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help i'm out of ideas!!!!!!!
I've tried everything to reset my board, it is a CTB16D V7 (1 of three) that has firmware 4.40, when i set the dials to 00 it doesn't fast flash like the rest (9 controllers in all) tried rotating the dials multiple times, several different times over several weeks. always same standard flash, so for grins decided to let computer find it, found at F0 ( with dials still at 00.
Tried at least 20 combinations of addresses, finds every one.
Tried updating the firmware, still no reset, but now finds board at 01 W/ dials at 00 ( dials were at 01 when i updated th firmware. hopefully somebody has more ideas to try, otherwise might need to call tech support.i am running S2.8.12 advance

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