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First Christmas Show

Doug Spivey

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First Off I would like to Thank all contributors on this forum both old and new for the ton of information that I have learned in a very short while. Without Sage advice from the veterans and questions from the new guys that I was too embarrassed to ask I would still be staring at the controller saying "maybe next year".

I decided to take the plunge last year and started reading this forum and others to get an idea what I was getting into. I waited till the summer sale and bought my first controller and 1 CCR. I have always had a static display with about 5000 lights, LED's and mini"s and a lot of other stuff we have collected over the years at Thrift stores, Garage Sales, etc.

I downloaded sequences, came up with a layout and proceeded to make the sequences fit the layout. After a lot of hours on the computer learning the software and adapting the sequences I ended up with 12 Sequences that I liked. By then my Wife was completely sick of listening to Xmas songs.

The day I was going to start putting up lights we got a freak snowstorm (6") so I was delayed for a few days. I prayed for rain to wash it away and we got that non-stop, delayed again. finally got everything up and connected this afternoon and first show went without a hitch.

Official turn on is Sunday when my Grandaughter comes for dinner and turns everything on for me. Can't wait to see the look in her eyes.

Once again thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope to become a regular participant in this forum.

By the way I have extension cords left over but I think I will add some more items to the display tomorrow and can't wait for the summer sale next year.

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