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Yep; Did one for two of the four local stations at the same time Monday night and I know a third wants to do a story as they e-mailed me monday morning asking if I had the show agan this year. Mondays the one was about a 40 second segment with no interview footage that was the lead in to Letterman. The other was a minute plus with some interview that I'm still trying to see if there is a link as they where also running it yesterday during the early morning and noon news casts.

Last year I was lucky enough that one of them did at least a 5 minute feature that they spent about three hours shooting footage for, and a second actually did two pieces, the second of which involved several live segments for their early morning show.

The attention is unexpected, and I'm guessing because for one the display is very festive color wise as I use only Red-Green-White. Also the house until this year was a darker teal color wise which looked good behind the lights. We went a lighter tan this year with dark burgundy trim that I think makes them pop more. The exposure amps up the traffic though which can be a mixed bleesing. Good if you have a donation box which we do, but bad as you can't control who does actually come to see your display so the possiblilty of trouble is there. But it is a risk I'm happy to take to build the doantions.


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