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Virgin LOR user here.

I got my LOR's and the network cable with the serial port connector. Problem is my old laptop with the COM3 port for serial connection just went belly up :P. Newer computers dont have the serial port.

I want to order one of the USB converters off the LOR site, but how do I configure the software for a USB port? I only get a choice of COM1 or COM3 as I recall?

I'm a little lost and need some help.

Also, I downloaded the software from the LOR website to this computer that is now dead. Anyone know how to go about requesting from LOR a redownload of the software? Also I have a demo version of the software on another PC, do I have to uninstall the demo version before loading a full version?

I thought I read something of a newer version of the software was coming out, mine was downloaded around March this year.

Appreciate any help,

Brian :tree:

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Have a laptop that doesn't have a serial port. I simply hooked up the USB->Serial converter, and away I went. Just have the Hardware utility search for the controller.

Send an email to info@lightorama.com and tell them you need another copy of the software.

If I recall, you don't have to uninstall the old version ... but I would. Be sure to save your sequences and audio files, though they *should* stay in place.

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The USB->Serial converter will add a new com port to your computer (e.g. 'COM 2'). LOR will only show available ports, so this won't show up until you actually have the USB device installed.


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