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Trying to locate a rs485


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Hello all. I am having an issue I believe trying to communicate to my LOR controllers. I am trying to locate a rs485 for a usb port that I can borrow for a night or two to see if that will fix my issue. I am located in Cinnaminson, NJ. If the us485 works I will go ahead and order one and and return the borrowed one back to the owner...I just dont' want to purchase one and it not be the issue.

What the issue is that I am trying to run LOR and D-Light boards on one universe. Now it can work, but I believe I may be close to my extent of controllers on my current rs485, so I wanted to see if an additional universe would help.

If there is anyone in my area with a spare rs485 that I can borrow for a few days to test it would be greatly appreciated...


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