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New Firmware Version V2 Board? CTB16PC

Steve Baron

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Guest wbottomley

sbaron59 wrote:

It is noted 4.30 and below is not compatable with new V2 bds but is new firware compatable with V1 bds? If not will support continue for the early bds ?


Not as I'm aware of.

Support for earlier boards should continue, I would think. I have about 40 of them.
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4.40 is functionally identical to 4.32, so there is no current need for updated firmware for the older cards.

There is a thread around here somewhere in which I believe it was Dan that indicated that there will be a new firmware update tool that will auto detect which hardware version you have, and automatically select the correct firmware file. So no more of this green board vs blue board confusion. No need to make this new hardware revision a "red board"

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