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Using the KISS method on my first try - it works

Rick Rademacher

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As I didn’t buy the aircraft and lights until two weeks ago, I didn’t have much time for learning. Several hours were spent on this forum while waiting for things to arrive. Took one week for the canned programs from WowLights along with their Santa and one 16 Channel Light-O-Rama controller to be delivered. Thankfully, everything was very easy to install and use.

It was easy to set up the lights on the aircraft to take advantage of the light sequencing.

Everyone who has seen the display in the last four days likes it. So, I am happy. Here is a link to the video.


Thanks for all the help!:cool:

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Man, you purchased an aircraft for your light display!!!
if I did that, I'd be living in the aircraft after my wife kicked me out LOL

It looks great! Nice job Rick!

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