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Stuck channel - DC controller


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Has anyone experienced a channel stuck on with a DC controller? I understand the issue with stuck channels on AC controllers but my understanding of DC controllers is that if a channel was to "blow" it wouldn't turn on at all?

I have a channel tonight which refused to turn off at the end of a show, then after staying on for maybe 40 secs it started flickering, but mostly stayed on. Disconnected lights from that channel and found full-on voltage remaining on that channel with nothing connected. Attempted power-cycle of that controller but no difference.

We have had a LOT of rain recently and haven't seen the sun to dry things out in at least a week. There's water EVERYWHERE. In opening this controller I noticed some minor condensation on the lid but everywhere else inside seems quite dry.

Water might be a possible cause, but I actually doubt it. Are there any other reported cases of channels stuck on using a DC controller?

- Nixay

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Hi Andrew,

Hope it all goes well, its been pouring up here in Kingaroy too, we have had oner 3 inches in 2 days so I understand your problems. I had a dc controller that did the same thing. I found that it was the output transistor that has gone short circuit. I unsoldered it out and took it to our local tv repair shop and bought another 1 and put it in. I actually had about 4 that did that and found that it may have been too much of a load on it. Hope that helps mate. If you need any more help "PM" me with your phone no. and I will call you :)



Kingaroy QLD AU

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I don't know exactly how much rain we've recorded here in Brisbane over the last week or so, but it's definitely unusually wet weather! Not many people coming out yet because of the rain.

Ok, so a mosfet can short itself to an "on" state? Interesting. Load definitely isn't an issue with this one - it's only got about 60 LEDs on it! (unless water has somehow caused a short somewhere down the line) My 3rd year running most of these controllers so probably about time something broke, hehe.

I have 3 spare channels in this controller so all is not lost, I'll just reallocate it. Curious how the problem developed though.

- Nixay.

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