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how do you attract a crowd?


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I live in a quiet street and i was wondering how to attract a rather large crowd, I am only 11 and have handed out invitations at school. Are there any other ways to attract a crowd?


16 chnnels, 1300 lights

and two 10 amp powerboards

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If you build it they will come and be careful what you wish for is what you'll get told countless times. Word of mouth gets them coming and it won't happen overnight. Plus starting at one 16 channel controller, while I firmly believe is the best way to learn, has some limitations as far as wow factor. Once you have traffic counts in your favor the "be careful what you wish for" comes in as you have no control over who comes and sees your display including rif raf and vandals. That is down and ugly side that we can't or try not to worry about. Last year was my first bigger one coming off 1 year with 16 channels. I went to 64 which isn't huge by most standards we've come to see here but still a decent amount to put variety in what you do.

I had a center spread in the local paper and three of our 4 local tv stations do shoots. One of them was there twice and actually did a few live segments for their morning show from in front. A second spent 3 hours shooting footage and doing interviews for a 10 minute feature story they ran. That was neat as they talked to visitors as well. My first year with a donation box as well that collected $1000 for Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin.

Of course with that exposure we had to upgrade this year and I'm running 112 channels and added 15000 more lights, this time buying just LED's. Also had to get a better FM transmitter and add more signage in the neighbors yards for the increased traffic we expect.

It will come, in time my young friend. Keep at it and don't get discouraged as this ends up being a lot of work but is still great fun. And in the end the payback is the look and comments you get from people.


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