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hello. this is my first year putting my LOR 32 channel units up. one (16 channel) is for just the mega tree (nothing crazy 16 strands of lights - one strand per channel) and the other is for gutter, bushes, border around property (grass), small decorative trees, windows, a peacocl, and a small strobe tree. i misplaced my manual and i'm at work right now anticipating going home after work so i can try to get some music and lights going! does the S2 software have anything that will create a lightshow for me instead of me sitting there for hours trying to figure it out? i'd like to have that as a backup so if time runs out i can use the sequences the software made instead of my own? i'm sorry if this is not making sense. i'm working on 2 hours of sleep here! thank you in advance! jeff

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No...the software does not make sequences by itself.

You have to "tell" it what you want it to do.

But, you can get free pre-made sequences...but more than likely you would still have to manipulate them somewhat to fit your display.

You can find some here:


Or do a Google search for "Free LOR Sequences"...

If you have a particular song you want, do a search for it on this forum and more than likely, someone has it posted for download already.

LOR has sequences for sale here:


You can view the LOR manuals here:


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