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Another Show Up and Running - 48 Channels


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I want to thank everyone on the forum here, again, for all their help, ideas and sharing. I was able to glean everything I needed and never even had to ask a question.

I started planning in Late Sept, built two controllers, then bought a third. I bought all LED lights this year, and have over 10,000 lights. I used SPT1 wire & vampire connectors, like so many mentioned here.

It worked BEAUTIFULLY, I would never use Ext cords after doing it this way. We used 1750 feet, but the yard looks neat and organized and there is nothing to trip over.

It was a huge undertaking and I had some help on the physical light installation, but I did all the computer work, sequencing and set up.

The show really looks good, and when we were testing, there were lots of people ooooing and awwwwing. It was so cool.

The show was all ready physically on last Sunday, 3 days early! It went live on Thanksgiving night, and we have had food for the soup kitchen in the bin every night.

We are getting a good amount of people stopping by, someone is usually out there at least every 10 mins or so. I am sure as word gets around, it will get busy.

The show is about 22 minutes long, with some voiceovers in between. I have been tweaking the show starting/ending. I have a 1 hour preshow where I have the lights on static for 1 hour, but let Zara radio run for that hour, with random music, time/temp and it works great. With about 15 secs left, I transfer control over to the LOR show, and it is sweet.

I fought with the DTMF tones, but once I found a post about the physical connection/cable that "might" need to be made, I got it working.

Overall it was an awesome experience, thanks again. And like everyone else LOR addicted, I am planning for next year!

Here is one of the first test vids, I have to get out there for a real show and manually focus!


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Looks good.

Can I make a suggestion about your video ... from my own learning experience.

You can download Movie Maker for free.

Import the video and then turn the video sound down to ZERO.

You can then import the audio off your computer so even though your video may not be the best, like mine is, the audio helps!

It also eliminates any traffic noise etc in the background.

Here is a sample of this .... http://vimeo.com/17260970

It also allows you to add a title and credits at the end.


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