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DIO32 board causing all others to be 'not found'


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My show was up for about an hour. Looked out the window...nothing was lit! No breakers tripped...HWU said ZERO controllers found! Outside all controllers on porch were blinking. Major confusion since even the first controller was blinking.

So I started changing cat5 cables and found when ever I disconnect the 'out' the controller would stop blinking along with all others up to that point. When I plugged the out cable in again, every one of them started to blink. Guessed there had to be a bad controller in the daisy chain. So I walked the chain one by one, 12 controllers later.. I found when the DIO was skipped over, all other controllers were found again. I dont recall ever hearing that one controller could cause all others to be not found.

Now what? Strobes, Snowfall, and Laser are all out. Any tips on how to clear this error? Or what caused it? I powered down/up with no effect. The thing worked during several tests with HWU earlier in the day. There is one 8 channel relay board attached. The board is powered from AC but there is a 12VDC power supply in the case for the DC devices.

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