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I need the link to refresh a controller?


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So I built a new controller to fix my problem. I get it hooked up, come into the Hardware Utility, hit refresh and it finds my one controller. Although when I change the Unit ID, I get an error saying it cannot locate the device???

Help Please! This is on a CTB16PC

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In the Hardware Utility, for the old unit ID, select Any Unit in the first box and then the ID# you want in the 2nd box. WITH ONLY THE ONE CONTROLLER CONNECTED.

You will get a warning message, click OK

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mash71 wrote:

Ok, I looked but don't see a jumper on the ctb16pc. Do I need glasses?


Don't know about you and glasses, but I sure do!

Just to the right of the RJ45 jacks the jumper should be across the second set of pins. It's just a little bitty black thing! ;)

At the bottom of page 21 on the left side is a picture:

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