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Controller not found....

Mike WIlliams

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Good morning world,
I missed my annual Thanksgiving "flip the switch", and hopefully with a little help from you guys I will be up and running soon. Here goes....

Computer - "nice one" (running Windows 7)

Software - LOR II Ver 2.8.12 Advanced

Unit 01 - CTB16D Ver 4.01
Unit 02 - CTB16PC Ver 4.02
Unit 03 - CTB16PC Ver 4.02
Unit 04 - CTB16PC Ver 4.02

...... got everything hooked up, "refresh", only two units found. (1 & 2)and both are functioning just fine

Unit 3, and Unit 4 status light constant "blink"

swapped out CAT5 cords, no change

plugged Unit 3 in independently, software recognized Unit 3
plugged Unit 4 in independently, software recognized Unit 4

plugged Unit 3 and 4 back into network, refresh, only two units found. (1 & 2)

Max units is set for 8

I have searched and tried almost everything I could locate that was even remotely close to my problem, but to no avail. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!


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I figured it out, the "right" CAT5 in/out jack is not functioning properly. I can move this unit to the end of the chain to get through this season.

Does anyone know if this is an "end user" repairable item, or does it need to be sent back to LOR for repair?


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Brian Mitchell wrote:

You could also just use a phone cable to come into the unit and exit from the working CAT5 jack.

Where do you get replacement jacks I need 2 of them?
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