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mini MP3 Director unit


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Last year the show ran great using the Mini Director unit.

This year I upload the latest firm ware and the SD cards plays the show good for the most part but on 1 sequence the show played but no music.

Sometimes it gets hung up at the introduction and that sucks, so I unplug the cat5 cable and plug it back in & it works again.

The same SD cards as last year is being used, nothing changed.

I shall do some tests and go back to the original firmware and see how that works. Or I shall just simply redo the SD cards (place the shows back on)

Good thing it is happening now before December gets here.

Oh well I shall get it working correctly.

Firmware problem? Maybe maybe not.

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Is that one sequence that hangs new for this year?

From your description, it appears to be a problem with the MP3 audio file.

Is it a Constant Bit Rate 128Kbps file?

Is it a DRM protected audio file

Sometimes, just opening the audio file in a program like Audicity then resaving as a CBR 128Kbps, will strip the DRM codes, or something else from the MP3 file that the miniDirector didn't like.

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