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Controllers are up running!!

Charles Nafziger

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I Got both of my controllers assembled and tested this weekend, Started mounting and wiring them to the back board. Here is a picture. The left controller handles all the roof lights, you can see my labels... NRE = North Red Entry string, etc.

The right controller will handle the ground stuff, trees, candy canes, flood lights..

I ran out of SPT wire on the last string so I tied the lone white string to the other for now, have more on order... I knew I should have ordered a 1000 feet... :X

The roof is working good, I think I could have done a little better job on matching the music, but I'm learning... :)

Worked on a basic tree today, nothing special used what lights I had left over from last year, some LED rope and stuff, I'll put it out tomorrow.

I only have one sequence for now, working on others, need to get the music for carol of the bells & winter wizard... anybody ? anybody?... Buller...Buller???


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Chuck.. I have both music clips, Wizards and Carol of the Bells.. for CotB, which version (artist) do you need? I have several.. Des Moines Choir, David Fosters, TSO.. and a couple others I think.. I'm on a trip now (in Baltimore), I get home abt 9pm tomorrow (Sunday). I just emailed a couple to you.. see which ones you need.. if they arent the right ones, I might have one or two others, but at home..

(VV & -60)

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