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Hey guys I have Windows 7 new laptop, I installed LOR been sequencing new songs, now im trying to have the Hardware Utility recognize the units and it wont

I have comm port 25 however when I go to "select unit to configure... Download... Test. It comes up the the following error msg.

The serial Port (COMM 25) assigned to LOR has a problem.

You may need to select another port Open of serial port 25 has failed Error:(8002) Invalid port number

While: Setting port = 25

any advice on how to proceed with this problem

Ricardo A

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I'm pretty sure LOR can not use a Comm Port number greater than 16. You can change the assigned number in the advanced properties for the port.

Here are my (brief) notes on changing the COM port number for the USB485 Adapter in XP (not sure if this is different for WIN7):
Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager
Ports (COM & LPT) / USB Serial Port (COM__)
Right Click / Properties / Port Settings / Advanced
Set COM Port Number: COM__
Press OK

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I agree... Outlaw, I''d switch the Com Port to something closer to the basement rather than the roof :) Reset the port to something between Com 1-5 if you can.. There arent too many peripherials I know of that work well with high port numbers.

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