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Unkown Device ????

Wayne K

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I have 14 controllers hooked up and I have 1 that is showing unknown device ??? in the hardware utility. It seams to work ok at this point. It has 3 units in front of it and 5 units behind it in the daisy chain. The rest of the units are on the second port of the adapter and all look fine also. I decided to switch the ports on the adapter and all the controllers show up ok now. Is it possible that the adapter is going bad or getting weak? These are the CTB16-16D blue controllers. I have 2 in this group that have the 4.40 firmware and the rest are 4.30. The 1 I am having trouble with is 1 of the new ones with 4.40

Update, I just rescanned them and it it is doing the same thing # 15 is showing 15 Unknown Device ???



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