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Looking for Sequence 80+ channels

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Anyone have a sequence of this song "Drummer Boy" by Go Fish? I've attempted to sequence it (80 channels) and is currently in use, but it's a disaster and I'd like to find a sequence I can convert to my display set up for this more upbeat song. Seems every time I try to improve my sequence I just make it worse! DOH! LOL

Would prefer 80 or more channels, I can use a sequence with less (32-64 channels).

So if anyone has the Go Fish version sequenced I would sure appreciate a copy!

Thanks in advance!

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chartrand wrote:

This was sequenced by Philip Pyles for me.

Not familar with him, but much appreciated. Nice work, now I'm just trying to figure out how to copy and paste some of the sequence info into my set up. As an experiement tried to just import my settings, whoa, what a mess that made of it. LOL

I use a fixed timing grid of 15, so it's a new challenge to transfer some of the effects from the sequence you supplied us here into my settings.

But at least I have a better starting point than the mess I made out of it. I really think I made such a mess of this one because I tried to rush it using only the wizards in the sequencer and not really cleaning it up as I should have afterward, but by the time I decided I'd messed it up enough, I had to start over with it. Lesson learned, YOU CAN'T RUSH SEQUENCING or you end up with a disaster by the time you're done or before. I will definitely take my time on this from now on, that was the first rush job I did and I won't do it again! LOL
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I would create a backup and do the following:

1. Backup

2. Open my sequence and save it something else, maybe your first name and then the song name, just something diefferent though.

3. At the top left hand corner click the first cell so the that cell is hilighted.

4. While Holding down the shift Key and use the down arrow button, you will have the first cell on every channel selected.

5. Now While still holding the shift key, push the end key, this will then select ever cell in the sequence.

6. With every cell celected press the delete key.

7. Now import your channel config.

----------The above steps give you your config with the correct timings----------

8. Now save but do not close the sequence.

9. Open the original sequence from me and arrange the windows so you can see your sequence that is blank and mine.

10, Now simply start copy and past entire channels from what I have to what you want it to be in yours.

Does that make since to you?

Good Luck

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Pat, that is how I usually do it, but for some reason, and I tried using the copy timings too, it transfers the cells, but it doesn't transfer them exactly as they appear in the original (your) sequence.

For example if there is a total of 5 blocks with a fade up, when I copy and transfer it, it may only appear as 2 fade up blocks instead of the actual total and length of the orginal, it does this on every cell, even when selecting the entire row, all get shrunk down to a lot smaller size. So I can transfer them via the copy command, then I have to go back and stretch them to their original size. There may be an easier way to do this, but I haven't stumbled upon it yet.

It's a bit of work, but it's the only way so far I've been able to transfer each cell line, just have to go back and tweak them back to the original length of the effect along each section. I can live with that.

And I'm still learning the ins and outs of the softwares ability to do things, so like said, there may be an easier way, just haven't found it yet. :P

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morrisonri wrote:

Did you edit the the Little drummer Boy song? I can only find versions of the song that are 5:13 long and the sequnce is only 4:46. Any help would be great.


Interesting. I have loaded the "Drummer Boy" by Go Fish into Irfanview, LOR Sequencer, Soniqure, Windows Media Player 11, Magix Video Editing Software Edit Pro 14, Magix Music Editor 2, and many other music/video programs that can utilize a soundtrack, all have come back with 5:08 for this song.

And the sequence I downloaded from above: Total Timings show: 4:46.28

My guess would be they possibly cut off the short beginning of the song that sounds sort of like bells tinkling very low, and/or they also may have edited the song to remove the beginning and end silences from the MP3, this would cut the time down as well.

I have a feeling the beginning twinkling type dinging sounds were cut and the silence section at the end of the song to shorten it to the length of the sequence posted earlier.

I haven't tried cutting anything out of mine yet, but I also usually do cut the long silences at the end of my MP3's. Why? Because it takes too long to from from one sequence to another and keeps the display dark too long between each sequence. I learned that at Halloween and started chopping BOTH beginning silent and end silent areas of my MP3's to give a smoother transition from one to sequence to the next without having the entire yard go dark for 3-10 seconds. Even 3 seconds was too long for me, it made folks think the show was over because everything went black for far too long.

I still need to tweak some of my Christmas MP3's this way, then I do have to make some adjustements to my sequence to compensate since everything would shift because of the remova.

But this is why you find sequences on the same song in different timings, each person may cut a section of the song a little differently, making the same song a different length.

BTW: I have not edited my Drummer Boy file yet, when I do, I'll bet it will be close to the seqeunces timings that is posted here. (I usually edit the MP3 file before I satrt the actual sequencing, but load it in the sequencer first to see how it looks before making any edits/cuts to the song.)
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I've tried every variation of the song I can think and I can't get it to fit. I skewed it up to 15 seconds and I can't get it to match up. Anyone else had any luck?

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boborino wrote:

I've tried every variation of the song I can think and I can't get it to fit. I skewed it up to 15 seconds and I can't get it to match up. Anyone else had any luck?

Like said, I haven't cut mine down, just loaded it into the above sequence, the one I have is a total of 5:08 and it actually fits the above sequence perfectly, even with the end of the song cut short, looks and seems to fit the sequence just fine, all the animation display elements synch right in time with the song. I *DID* find that odd that the song actually fit perfectly even though it's a different size than the sequence.
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