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1 controller not working


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I have 4 CTB16D's in a custom cabinet I built a few years ago as well as a LOR 1602W unit I added last year to run my mega tree. I was troubleshooting a faulty power cord on one of the CTB16 controllers when I realized one of my 110v source plugs was wired backwards (I was using a polarity tester).

So then I started checking all my cords feeding all my controllers and when I did the 1602 controller at the mega tree it was wired correctly but when I plugged the cord back into the controller the whole board went dead (both sides)and the lights went out. Last night the 1602 would not show up in the hardware program so I left it for the night. Today I went out and checked my cables, the red LED is on in the 1602 controller so I fired up the computer. That controller is viewable in the hardware program again but when I turn all the channels on I have no output at all. I checked the fuses last night and they were ok. I don't see anything that is blown up. Is there anyway of troubleshooting this at home? I have a multimeter as well as a couple years of electronic schooling but that was a long time ago.

All the controllers were used last year with the same cords and lights as well. This particular controller is plugged into an outside plug that I have a fridge and freezer plugged into with no problems.

thanks for looking.


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