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Sequence fault during show only


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Good evening, I have a new problem I can't figure out. When I am in sequence editor everything works fine, when I put them in to a show, I have errors in my sequencing. example. I have the three channel santa from Wow Lighting. He talks fine when I am in sequence editor, but when i put the sequence into a show, the sequence has errors. sepecifically his up mustache channel(3) will sometimes not work, stay on, or not come on at all. It is perfect if I just run it in sequence editor. I have removed the sequence from the show and re-entered it with out success. The only change I made this year was I added another 16 channels (32 total) but again, all is good if I am just running it in sequence editor. HELP, thanks Ben Edmund, Gilbert, AZ ben.edmund@yahoo.com

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