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6 Videos of my 2010 Display

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Okay, you wanted videos and here are a SIX of them that I made Wednesday night and took freakin' HOURS to get uploaded to YouTube. Almost 2am Thanksgiving morning and I started uploading these around 9:15-9:30pm Wednesday evening.

The last one just finished processing, so hopefully all work.

(see titles and links below)

These are RAW, UNEDITED videos uploaded to YouTube, so the quality is not as good as a regular video camera may take. The colors are not as well defined as I'd like either, seems a lot of the multi-color strings appear as white in some of the videos (mostly in the bushes).

Taken with a Nikon Coolpix P2

  • [align=center]Christmas Bells Carousels and Time - Trans Siberian Orchestra[/align]

[align=center] [/align]

  • [align=center]Queen of the Winter Night - Trans Siberian Orchestra[/align]

[align=center] [/align]

  • [align=center]Wizards of Winter - Trans Siberian Orchestra[/align]

[align=center] [/align]

  • [align=center]Welcome Christmas - Mannheim Steamroller(?)[/align]

[align=center] [/align]

  • [align=center]Where Are You Christmas - Mannheim Steamroller[/align]

[align=center] [/align]

  • [align=center]Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer[/align]

[align=center] [/align]
[align=left]Some of the videos are not directly from the start of the song, hard to go from song to song without overlapping the videos between stopping the current vid and re-starting before the next one starts up. So some of the vids may be missing a few seconds or so of the first part of the song.[/align]
[align=left] Enjoy the videos for what they are currently. Hopefully will get better ones later.[/align]
[align=left] And this definitely looks much better in person than in a video rendering![/align]
[align=center] [/align]

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