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Still can't get rid of Background image file does not exist

Nancy Harris

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I've had 2 suggestions, one from the forum and one from the LOR support desk and neither have worked.

I have 2 sequences that have some type of background image attached. One suggestion was that I import my channel settings and overlay theirs and it should go away but the channels are not in the same order and it would mess up the sequence.

The support desk suggested that I go to View and Animation and I did find the image for one of them but after I cleared it and reloaded I still got the same message. When I go back to the Animation it doesn't show any longer but I'm still getting the message when I load the sequence. In the second sequence there was nothing to see but I cleared it and I still continue to get this message when I open the sequence.

I'm a newbie and am afraid that my show won't run because I have to click OK before it will finsih loading. I'm desparate and more ideas out there.



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I don't think the presence or absence of a background image will at all affect the playing of the sequence in the show.

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Will make no difference, but if you want to feel better...
1) Give it another small pic (empty black background preferably) with the same name to take its place.
2) Assuming you are ordering your channels the same for all sequences, do a configuration export from one that doesn't have a backing pic and import it to the ones that did (make backups in case you make a booboo). The animation config is exported and imported in the config file.

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