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Hey Guys,

First off wanted to say I'm super excited to see what I can do with the LOR system. I just purchased the SHowtime kit with 16 channels and it should be here by the end of the month; hopefully in time for Christmas.

Second off, hoping to share in as much knowledge as I can here as all of you look super knowledgeable about the LOR Stuff.

OK The question:

I've been looking at people's shows online and across the net and I've been trying to figure out , electrically, how you guys get all of your lights to come on without blowing the LOR, breaker, or surpassing the 8 AMPS per channel Load.?

For example in those mega trees you guys talk about with all of the lights... HOw do you do that without overloading the LOR?

Do you guys have seperate services? I was thinking about wiring in a seperate 30 AMP Breaker for my 16 channel this year. 15 amps per 8 channels.

Hope it's not to muddled of a question looking forward to replies...and any help I'm to provide.

Oh my display:
Well this year I thought I would just do little trees on each channel probably with 200 mini lights per tree.
And perhaps a few reindeer and stars.....

Let me know your thoughts...


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Hello Evan,

You can check this discussion about Controller Load Calculator for more details. The 16 channel units can control up to 8 amps per channel and 15 amps per side if they are wired separately. If you plan to have all your lights on at the same time you do have to limit yourself to this spec.

Personally, I will have a small setup on my 16 channel kit I got for my first year and received in September. To help verify my load, I bought an energy meter. I got the cdn but got it on sale at around $17 in August. I plan on testing each individual channel using the meter separately before connecting everything to my LOR unit.

Many people install dedicated circuits for their setup.


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Well, I'll definately be watching the Loads. I have an electrician friend who owes me a favor. So I thought I'd run 2 15 amp circuits one for each controller.

If the max is 8 AMPS per channel could you in theory, if you had the right size service/breaker, have a 64 AMP service per Controller?

I can't imagine drawing that much per channel. Seeing as I will most likey be using Minis for most of my show to begin with.

There's no problem drawing the Maximum 15 AMPS through each Controller(8 channels) right?

Thanks for the link to the spreadsheet. Added it to my arsenal...


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