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Small Error in the Photo of the Kit

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While trying to figure out why my LOR board wasn't working (turned out I put a chip in backwards) I noticed a small error in the photo of the board that comes with the manual, it's in one of the first few pages. The ICs (White Chips) have their dots diagonal from where the board instructs you to place them. So it shows the ICs with the dot on the top left in the photo for the left side, but the instructions and the board say to place the dot on the bottom right.

Just thought I'd point that out. :)

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Hello Erik,

It does look like the optocouplers are reversed on the left side but they are not. It is not easy to see but if you look at the photo I have attached, I circled the dot (depression) marking the position of Pin 1. There is a "F" that is the manufacturer logo that is creating the confusion since it is on the upper left portion.

The photo is from the kit manual, version 1 with the green PCB. I have the version 2 in printed format and it is a bit different but the logo is not always centered and some optocouplers have the logo more to the left also.


Attached files 74044=4581-optocoupler.jpg

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