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First year for LOR

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First year, eh?

Well, you have me beat be several years. You must be running something faster than 1/10th second per step?

So, is that your car in the avatar? If so, I am also a Corvette owner.

Question for you: what speed PC are you using and what is the time of each of your steps in the sequence?

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Thanks guys, you never know how the public is going to judge your work. It sounds like I am headed in the right direction.

Contactmike1, darrylb is correct with Jeff Scheetz

Scott_Hardin, you are correct. The rule I try and follow is dim for quiet, bright for loud, clear or white for highs and blue for lows.

Roadrat, I downloaded the software in January and bought my controllers during the sale. I have had displays for the past few years using basic stamps and SSRs without music. The grid is set at .05 and I do not use the tapper. While I may just be slow, it takes me anywhere from 40-60 hours per sequence before I am happy. This is for 96 channels. My computer for development is P4 2.53ghz 768mb ram. My runtime unit is P4 3ghz 512mb ram. The runtime isn't faster for any reason, I am just partial to my old system and prefer to use it as my main system. Yes, that is my Vette (1981). It is kind of a side project/money pit. It is roughly 720hp at the crank with nitrous and the blower. A real treat to drive.

Michael B, Thanks! I know I am no better than you. I have just wasted more time at the keyboard than you likely have. It all takes time / playback / time / playback and more time.

GS, 100mph is about right. I had alot of fun doing this sequence.

ShiningBright91, Thank you

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Great job! One of the nicest fast-moving sequences I've seen yet.

I love watching everyone's shows on this forum.

We all work together to continually raise the bar...

(Oh, man...that corporate teamwork mumbo-jumbo's starting to get to me...)

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EAB wrote:

What kind of flood are you using on the left there? Seems to respond quicker than the one I have.

The box says GE Home/ Garden outdoor floodlight PAR38 85 watt blue. Bought them off the shelf at Walmart. They have a thick glass.

BTW, I offset the floods by .05 from the beat (start them sooner than the beat). This way they are closer to being in time. Looks like I forgot to do that at the end of the song. I'll have to fix that.
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