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Do SC485's go BAD?

Tom B.

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Hi All,

Thinking that the LOR units would be the stable and easy part of the setup this year, I was wrong.

Have a tried 2 old, and 1 new Unit connected to 3 computers using the SC485 ... no luck ... the led just keeps flashing, and the Hardware Utility does not find what it is looking for.

Even tried different Cat5's ...

So, what now?

Only thing different is that I upgraded all the computers to the latest version of S2, and added a new unit.

I did try to connect the SC485 to a computer through an USB to Serial connector, could this have fried the SC485?

Need a solution fast ... as usual ... :D


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Not all USB to serial Adapters will work with the SC485. I don't know which ones other than what LOR sells are likely to work. And if you are going to place an order, most seem to recommend just going with the USB-485b instead.

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If all you have is the serial adapter that connects to a serial port on your computer (not the USB adapter), then I must report that I had one of those go bad a couple of years ago.

I purchased one of the USB versions and haven't had any problem since. I also have a couple of backups now jsut in case (bought 1 extra for sequencing work and just acquired another when I bought someone else's LOR box they didn't want anymore).


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