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Looking for inexpensive DIO board for SSRs

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Hello all.

First post.

Sorry if this has been posed before. I did a little searching and didn’t find what I was looking for.

I created a computerized display way back in 1995 that used my own home made controller card to control the standard SSR pucks. I have been out of the Christmas lite display circuit for 10 years now. Marriage then kids blaa blaa blaaa. You can fill in the rest. Well I’m dusting off the old stuff and going to some LOR software and hardware now. It still have over 120 SSRs in custom made steel boxes that I want to reuse. A lot of these are zero crossing and 40 AMP range.

Its great to know the LOR software can utilize these however I need a DIO card to use.

My original card I don’t think is compatible and I want to upgrade to something better.

Looking for at least a 48 channel card (96 would be better)

I don’t want to build one again. No time for that right now. Looking for a rebuilt one.

Could someone please point me somewhere, where I can buy one?

Any details on what types that would work would also be helpful. Links to posts?

Will a PCI DIO card work?


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You might try posting this question in the "DIY Direct Control of Hardware" section. I've seen people find some controllers off Ebay before. Here is a lot of 2 96 channel PCI DIO boards:


I just noticed that auction is located in tel-aviv, use caution with international bidding! Always use the sellers feedback as a guide - it's served me well so far.

Here is a 192 channel board I found using froogle.com (once again, searched for digital I/O): http://www.omega.com/ppt/pptsc.asp?ref=CIO-DIO192

Good luck!


P.S. - I'm not sure if a PCI card will work or not. I've been curious about SSRs and DIO but haven't actually used them before. Hopefully someone else can chime in on that...

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