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CTB16D output problems

Scott T

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This summer I bought a board off ebay and never tested it. Mistake! Hopefully not a BIG mistake.

It is a deluxe CTB16D Blue board with 4.01 firmware. It looks like it might have been a kit, but not sure. (opto are black, if that means anything)

The problem is I only get 55v max power out of the channels. When I set the software at 100% on I get ~55v and it dims down to 0v at 50%, but then at 49% it jumps back to 55v and scales again to 0v when dimmed to off. It is like I'm getting a half wave on both side of 50% dim.

I checked the diodes and they seem to be working correctly, but I was not going to poke around much more than that.

Any advise on what to look for?


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