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led stobe lights and flood lights


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Hi again all,

I am considering adding a few strobes for twinkle accents, and some color flood lights. I'm wondering if there will be any issues integrating those into my 32 channel LOR thats on it's way, and if anyone has recommendations to where to buy, and what to buy. The choices are of course 120, 12, and 24v. Thanks.


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If you ordered standard LOR controllers, then you will need 120 VAC lights.

The 12 and 24 volt lights will work with the LOR DC card, the CMB-16D

For the strobes, I use two different kinds, Xenon and LED.

For the big bright powerful flash I fire the Xenon, for a milder twinkle effect I use the LED. I get mine from CDI

Hmm, the CDI link didn't pull the up the strobe page, just type strobe in the search box

EDIT: Forgot to mention that last May, over on the Christmas Carolina forum, we did a very extensive test comparing the Christmas Light Show strobes and the Creative Display strobes. The tests included operating the strobes in a refrigerator and in a freezer. The CDI, Creative Display strobes were excellent. The others died.


Also Paul Sessell from CDI is a member here also, and you can get an additional 10% discount by using the code cdifan10 at checkout, brings the price down to $4.73 per strobe. (Even cheaper when you buy on the January presale)

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EddyA wrote:

Thank you, I'll check them out. Anyone have recommendations on the flood lights?


Easiest is just the GE color floods that they have at Walmart, Lowes, HD, etc., such as these:
in one of these:
They fade nicely, and no problem with LOR, and are only a few bucks. Only problem is that they take a lot of juice (relatively), so if you need several watch your amperage on the channel. This year I am switching to Rainbow floods. http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum79/22328-1.html
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I'm with S4D on this.. the GE's work well but are 150w each, add 3 or 4 more and you're really limiting your channel loads. I switched to the Rainbow LED Floods and Spots for this year, used them for Haloween, the purple coloring was awesome, and the ability to fade/dim pretty good.. The red had a bit of a tough time down at low fade levels, they tended to get to abt 10-15% then blink off, but for the other colors, and intensity, you'd be better with them. They can be fed directly with 12vdc with no fading or real mixing available, or use a LOR DC controller to get 16.7 million (ok, maybe closer to 387,000) colors :D

The Flood and Spot kits go together pretty quickly, and the housings can be found at either HD or Lowes, Ace was too expensive..

Heres a pix with the Floods and Spots washing my house. There is a mercury street lamp at the corner of my yard (look at the sidewalk), tells you what the Floods and Spots still do for color and intensity. There are three Floods, one bottom right corner of the pix, one you can see just left of center (the purple smear in the grass) and the third is just off the left side of the pix. There are two Rainbow Spots lighting the two front bushes. I still have one more Flood kit to assemble, but these will be my year-round landscaping lights.

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