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Hi all,

I'm excitedly awaiting the arrival of my 32 starter pack. I've been playing around with the software...it seems to make it super easy. exspecially with the free sequences availble for d/l both from LOR as well as on the net. One feature of the software that I'm hoping is there somewhere, and I'm just not seeing it, is....Once I import a photo into the animator, and add all the lights to the photo, it looks great. However, is there a way to save the photo and the animated lights, so that when I begin working on my next musical sequence, I already hafe the photo and lights that I can load up, rather than recreating it. It would save a lot of time.

Also, and I may figure this out once I get my package; I'm trying to figure out how everyone has their cables run..do all the lights controlled by one controller need to start at the controller? and does that mean running extension cords to each light that begins a seperate channel? Of course they all have to start at the controller, I'm just wondering how others have theirs setup?

Finally, I have began purchasing lights today. I bought a lot of the ge mini lights from Lowes, for $3.33 per 50 light set, - $0.33 per set military discount. I'm wondering what are the best lights to use for this application, and what other people are using.

And one more quesiton...is the a FAQ already built and posted here somewhere for us newbys. Thank you all for any responses...I can't wait to get started on this!!! I'm deploying for the last time to Iraq in January, and I hope to make this Christmas extra special for the Family. So Excited!!!


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Before anything else, I want to thank you for serving your country and protecting us. I pray that all that place themselves in harms way return quickly and safely!

Second.. When you have your channels (and pix) set up, on the Menu bar, select Edit, Export Channel Configuration and save it. That should save your channels and image so that when you create a new sequence, import that first, then begin to cook :)

Some have controllers at the item (arches or megatree), or in the garage, under bushes, inside presents, etc and just run extensions to everything you have. If you have the controllers separated, just run the Cat5 cable between the controllers.. that can run... up to 4000' apart if I remember right.. One thing we learn right away is that you can never have too many extensions, so get as many as you can. If you locate the controller near the item, you may be able to get away with getting a lot of 12-15' extensions (like the brown household cords) to run from controller to items.

As for a FAQ, not really.. there are a couple other forums that have FAQ.. www.PlanetChristmas.com comes to mind, they can be a bit less tolerant of newbies tho, I've read some of the replies but otherwise a good group, not as nice as here tho :) Really, whatever you have a question abt, check here.. someone knowledgable (not me) is usually online..

Fire away! Uh, questions that is :)


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Thanks TJ. I figured it was simple...and it was. exported and imported perfectly. I searched all over the help for that, but I was looking for something to do with Animator export.

And thank you for your kind comments. It's always appreciated.


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