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Getting sequencies into simple show builder

Ivan Beaver

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Last year my LOR worked just great for both Halloween and Christmas.

But I had to wipe a bunch of stuff off of my computer and rebuild.

I still have all my sequencies (and they appear to work), but cannot "see" them when I open either simple show builder or the regular show builder.

How do I get them to appear in simple show builder (that works fine for me)?

I figure it is a file structure problem, but I am lost.

Any ideas are GREATLY appreciated.

PS I got Halloween to kinda work, by just building the show through the hardware utility, but I could not get all of the sequencies to show up. They were on SD card files, but would not play. They were just skipped.

Thanks in advance

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wallleyes wrote:

Did you check the box...all files?

I assume you are talking about when you go to "open". I did select 'all files", but when I click on a sequence, it never shows up.

I am just dealing with musical sequences-nothing fancy.

In Simple Show builder (which I used last year and it worked just fine), there is no "open" box-just the "while" box that you can choose from.

I even created a Sequences folder in the LOR program file-hoping the show builders would "link" to that-but that did not work either.

I know the show builders are looking in a particular "place" to find the files to be in them-I just don't know where that "place" is.:?
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wallleyes wrote:

Yes i was talking about at the bottom of the box ...files available for the show

I guess my real question is "Where do I have to save my sequences in order for them to be found-or recognized-by Show Builer?"

I have a sequences folder in the program files LOR file and one on my desktop.

When I select "all files" and then click on the sequence I want-it does not show up.

I can play the sequence-the music and lights are fine-so I assume the file is "good", but cannot figure out where to store it so that Show builder can find it.
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The Simple Show Builder will only "see" sequences in your default Light-O-Rama sequence path. If you don't know where that is, run the LOR Diagnostic utility. There you will see "AudioPath" and "NonAudioPath" which tell you where the detault directories are.

You will need to have your sequences in there, or the SSB won't see it. (Note that when you copy your sequences over, you will want to make sure the audio still plays. If not, you will need to "Edit -> Media File" to select the correct audio file.)

The regular show builder can pull from any directory on your computer. At that point, it's simply a matter of locating them on your computer, and putting then into the show at the desired spot.

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