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Video Playback with LOR Standard


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Hey all,

I'm sure one of you experts will know this. I'm running LOR Standard. My show consists of a single sequence on a loop. When I first start the show, the video playback window pops up and I make it full screen (since I'm projecting it onto a screen).

When the first run through of the sequence is finished, LOR crashes and the show does not restart the sequence. After doing some research, I found out that I had to keep the video playback windowed instead of making it full screen and stretch the window to fill the screen. The post I read indicated that my video card might have issues switching between different processes. Or, perhaps this is because I'm running LOR Standard and full screen video output is not a feature of LOR Standard? I'm not sure.

Regardless, this fixed my initial problem. Now the show loops correctly and restarts the sequence after it finishes. However, during my sequence, the projector keeps losing my laptop screen signal and defaults itself to a Dell logo from the projector. Eventually it comes back.

I did some more research. If I setup my laptop to use multiple displays, configure the LOR Sequence Editor's video preferences to play video on my secondary display, and switch to my secondary display once the show starts, the video plays seamlessly (still in a window though) on my secondary display and projects perfectly without any Dell logo interruptions.

My question is this: is there a simpler way to have full screen, uninterrupted video playback with LOR than what I'm doing here?


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