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Workaround: Pictures in the Sequence Editor

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Heres something that may help you guys to visualize your sequences... Its quick and dirty, but gets the job done.

Go here: http://www.majorgeeks.com/Desk_Projection_d2324.html
and download the app.

Desk Projection will let you display a semi-transparent image on your monitor while running other app behind it.
If you read the included text file, it will tell you how to position the image and adjust the properties.
You may have to size your image up or down to get it to work the way you want.

You basically run this to display your image on top of the Sequence Editor animation screen. If you use the same settings each time, you can align your house/yard/whatever to the picture and trace your lights in the editor from there.

This helps with laying out your display, and gives you a sense of scale to work with...

Hope it helps!

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Windows Vista will let you make any window transparent (and even allows you to adjust the transparency amount). So you open the picture of your house in a transparent window, and lay it on top of the animation window.


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DavBro wrote:

Anim8 wrote:

You are correct about Vista. But I'm betting the vast majority of people here dont have Vista installed....:)

They will eventually. Really cool stuff.:cool:

All your desktop are belong to us!

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