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Real-Time VU meter possible?


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Is it possible for any HW/SW to facilitate a LOR display based on Live audio input? Like a Giant VU meter which is driven, not from a pre-recorded and synchronized track, but via live input, like a microphone?



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First off - at present time, S2 software is just not intended to do this. S2 is based on the concept of a timelime based series of cues or on/off levels. You could do something using input triggers, but it really isnt what you are asking for. HOWEVER - a LOR Controller can speak DMX - and that will give you what you are looking for.

A VU meter would be pretty boreing - you would only have 2 chanels of "change" and for the most part - they would be pretty close. I guess you could assign chanels to a set VU Level, but even then some channels would almost always be on, and others off.

What you really want is Spectrum Analyzer converted to DMX. Software on the PC will convert audio at speficif frequencies into DMX signals - different "sounds" get different "lights" and volume would control the intensity.

Check out the following Video - this using comercial software and what appear to be mostly DMX RGB fixtures of some sort.

You can buy his stuff at http://www.disco-designer.com/DMX_SOFTWARE_LED_CONTROL.html. I didnt do the math but It was listed for 300.00 Euros i tihnk.

If it were me - I'd use the FREE SOFTWARE: http://www.dmxcontrol.org You would also need a supported dongle https://www.eio.com/p-23209-velleman-vm116-usb-controlled-dmx-interface.aspx

You could also look at Freestyler with the s2l plugin - http://www.freestylersupport.com/wiki/sound_2_light


Both DMX Control and Freestyler would work, I just think the DMXControl package will give a nicer looking effect. Both are free, but would require a dongle to output DMX from the PC to the LOR Controller. Still - for about 70.00 you would have what you want.
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