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Show will not start

Tim R

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Ok, so this is my second year using LOR, and its awesome, and I just dont have
the time needed to keep up with alot of your displays, but someday I will.

I have a 12 choir pumpkin, that I sequenced to about 8-10 songs last year, and
I added lighting this year to have play between some sequences, and I put my
LOR in the box last night and hooked up all the lights, the speakers, the ethernet
cables etc. I used the easy show builder to set up a simple show to see how
the lighting would look between the songs, and had my wife standing in the yard
in front of the house and enabled my show and no go, She was patient but I suggested for her to go inside and have a glass of whine LOL.

I went back into the Hardware Utility to double check it still connected the the
Lor and I discovered I had to have it reconnect it to the unit, I only have 1
CTB16PC and I have not upgraded the software since I used it last xmas, but once it
connects, I can test lights etc, once I exit it loses the unit, which might be why
the shows wont start, but I can disable the shows, go directly into a sequence
and have it play w/ lights and it will play and control the lights, so then that tells
me it is still in contact with the controller, so I am really confused, am i missing
something? What would cause the show not to start, and yes I had the show starting an hour prior to when I enabled the show, and I also had it set to run
continuously once started.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


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Guest wbottomley

Two things...

Enable the shows. Then, right click on the light bulb in the tray and open the log. It should show the error that's causing the show not to run.

Two... go to start, programs, LOR, then verifier. The verifier will run system tests to find the problem.

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Mountainwxman Thanks for the help, I ran the verifier and found I had a

sequence that was not attached to the Media File, I corrected it and now my show is working, I didnt think about checking that.
Thanks a bunch, I am back on schedule. :)


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