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cat5/phone and 3 input/outputs on board


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Can someone explain these in/outs to me?

So on the controller..

the left port is for the phone line in

and the middle/right ports are for cat5 in/out and for phone out?

Does the cat5 have to go IN on the middle and OUT on the right? I've always done it that way but do I need to?

Can you mix phone/cat 5 in the same network?

Like box one cat5 in, cat5 out; box two cat 5 in, phone out; box three phone in, cat5 out.

I have like 10 controller boxes that have 1 of the cat5 input jacks that came loose and won't communicate now. If I could use phone line intermixed with cat 5 (short runs) i can make use of these 10 boxes this season then send off for repair.

bob z

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Which port do I hook up the network/phone cables to?
Make sure that you read the directions on how to hook up the cables. CAT5E cables are straight though and therefore not a problem but with phone cable you need to keep track of the concept of INTO a controller and OUT OF a controller. INTO a controller means that the wire is coming from the PC or a controller connected to the PC. OUT OF the controller means that the wire is going from this box to the next box in the chain but it is going away from the PC or Director controller. If you use phone cable INTO a controller, plug it into the small jack. If you are running phone cable OUT OF a controller then plug the cable into a LARGE jack. So the small jack is used ONLY FOR PHONE CABLE GOING INTO A CONTROLLER. This is described in the documentation for the units. Phone cable is sensitive to in and out, that is why you would see markings like (WALL) and (PHONE) on the two jacks on a modem. CAT5E does not care about IN and OUT so you can really just plug them in anywhere they will fit
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Yes, you can mix the two..

Basically the only requirement is that when you use phone cable, one end goes into the left, phone in RJ-11 jack, and the other end must go into one of the RJ-45 jacks..

When using the RJ-45 jacks, they are identically equal to each other. Neither one is in or out, or in any way preferred.

You could also have someone make a custom cable that is RJ-45 on one end, and RJ-11 on the other, and wired like phone cable. It could be make of phone cable, cat 3, cat 5, or other wiring...

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