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LED C9 and Mini Fade Capabilities


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Well, I went to HD this morning to browse. They have about 1/2 or 3/4 the amount of lights that Lowe's does, but the one thing I did notice was that their LED 25 bulb C9 strands are only $1 more than the incandescent sets. So, I have 15 sets of C9 "power hogs", and for $120, I can upgrade to the LED's. My only question about this would be, can I set them to fade up and down, twinkle, and/or shimmer??? One of the nice things would be that I can connect all 15 strands to one extension cord and drop it from the roof with no problem, as opposed to 4 power cords last year...The other nice thing would be the ability to have all of these lights on one channel...

I have searched the forum, but most of the posts I see are from 2007, and I would like to get some updated information. Sorry, 'cuz I know this is a repeat question. If you happen to have a link to a former post, that would be most helpful as well...

Thank you,


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wglyons wrote:

After considering this, is $7.98 for a 25-count LED C9 string correct????

Are you asking us if the price Home Depot is selling them for is correct?

Wouldn't you need to ask Home Depot that question??? LOL

I do know from other posts about LED's from HD, Lowes, Wal-Mart, etc. is the quality of the LED's....

But I don't think you would have any problem with them fading. If you want to be sure..buy one set and bring it home and test them. But a lot of times, the fading isn't a problem until you have MULTIPLE sets plugged together...then you may have to add a "snubber"...do an LOR search if you are not familiar with what a "snubber" is.
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