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expected equal sign

Paul C

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Guest wbottomley

Paul C wrote:

After saving a program closing then reopening, I will somtimes get a expected equal sign error.

Paul... are you speaking greek?

We need a little more information so that your problem can be diagnosed.
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Most of the time, yes. This has happend a few times now, after saving a sequence closing it then reopening it I get, error opening sequence expected equal sign

Attached files 216260=12044-expected equal sign.JPG

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It sounds to me that the sequence has been corrupted. Please send a copy of it to me (bob@lightorama.com) and I'll see if I can fix it.

However, I just want to make sure: When you save the file, no error message appears at that time? It's only after you close the sequence and reopen it that you get the error?

If so, that's a bit surprising, because the first thing that is done after the sequence is saved is that, behind the scenes, the Sequence Editor immediately tries to reload it, just to check whether it was saved correctly or not. So, if the sequence was corrupted during the save, an error message should pop up as soon as you save it.

So, if the error message doesn't come up at that time, I suspect that the file was saved properly, and became corrupted only after that, for some reason. Perhaps your hard drive is flaky? Perhaps some other process is modifying your files? I don't know.

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