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Rainbow floods - what cables do you use?


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I've decided to put some RGB Flood from ChristmasOnManor into my display this year... Now I need to invest in some network cables to run to each flood/spot.

I live in Southern Ontario, where the temps can dip as low as -30c on the odd occasion (but typically hover around -15c). I was thinking about going with 'direct burial' rated cables. but if no one has ever had problems with their basic CAT5/6 cables before, I don't see much advantage in the extra cost.

How do your cables perform amongst the snow and ice? Does anyone in the same weather conditions as me use MonoPrice network cables on their Floods?

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Short Answer : For the limited amount of time outside, I think you will be fine with monoprice wire.

The wire will become more birttle over time, but the wire I used 3 years ago is still working fine (and flexible)

Long Answer: UV is more of a concern than tempature (although I think lots of HEAT and direct sunlight are the WORST combination for wire) I used to Install Wireless networks outside, and I would replace hundreds if not thousands of feet of Cat-5 that cheap or stupid people thought would be ok on a roof baking in the sun.

But even then - It still took several years for the cable to break down. 2 months of eqposure isnt great, but its not going to turn the cable into dust.

On my lights I use a really heavy Foxcon cable (Its way overkill, but I have a couple thousand feet lying around) Thick outer UV rated jacket, tinner PVC inner jacket, clear plastic wrap, foil shield, more plastic, then finally wire stands. You could hit it with a tank.

I have about 3 feet of this coming out of the standard home depot floodlight enclosure. I only use 1 wore / connector per flood (no daisy chain) - mostly because I didnt want to drill alother hole and seal it, the enclosure allready had 1 hole where the original AC cord came out, so I used that. I terminate that with a MALE RJ-45.

If I had weather proof connectors, I would use them, but i dont, and I'm happy to use what I do have : plenty of standard rj45 female jacks. When I run the wire, i place 1 female jack "in line" on one piece of cat-5 every couple of feet. I will seal the connecting points with Splicing tape (thick, rubery, sticks to its self - great for weatherproofing)

I WOULD recomend you use a UV Rated cable. If you REALLY want to be safe, I'd probably use a "Flooded Core" cat-5. This has a gell injected inside the outer jacket - its sticky and gewy and a pain in the but to terminate, but it keeps water OUT even if the jacket gets a nick / cut in it.

I have visited Kingston in november, and Ontario - If it were me, I'd do something to keep the snow & ice out.

Here is the FoxCon cable I used


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