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Sequence Editor Screen Stuck


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After upgrading to 2.8.10 I can not select any options on the sequence editor screen.
Running MS XP Professional Version 2002

1, Launch the program

2. While it is opening it looks like another LOR window is opening and going to background. Happens very fast.

3. Sequence editor finishes opening

4. Everything on screen look ok

5. But when I click on any icon, nothing but a beep. Even when trying to minimize the screen

6. When I try alt tab or look look at status bar only the sequence editor shows up

7. All other LOR apps work

I also have 2.8.10 running on another PC with no problem.
I am guessing user error here

Thank you,


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It sounds like there is some type of splash or something open behind the sequence editor of off screen.

Can you move the sequence editor to see what is behind it?

Someone had this problem and it turned out that at one point they had two monitors and the Sequence Editor's "File Open Window" was popping up on the other screen (which no longer existed).

If you open the squence editor by double clicking a sequence file what happens?


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I am unable to move the sequence editor, it is full screen.

When I double click on a sequence it works fine. But when I click on the windows restore down in the sequence editor, it minimizes. When I click on the windows restore down for the actual sequence (within the editor window) it does scale down.

The PC I am using is an HP Pavilion and I do have a monitor plugged into it.
I tried unplugging the monitor, get same issue.


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Open the Sequence Editor by clicking a sequence.

Once that sequence is open, close it but keep the sequence editor running.

Click File->Open and when the open dialog comes up, pick the squence that you just opened AND set the check mark at the bottom where it says: "Don't show this screen when LOR starts"

If the Open Dialog does not come up where you can see it then it leads me to believe that it is showing up on a "different" monitor that cannot be seen.


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