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If you need to get a lot of power across a long distance - Read me


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I have seen lots of people tlak about controllers that are a long distance from power mains or controllers that are far from larger multi channel items, like a mega tree or an arch.

For these situations, I would urge you to take a look at something called "Socapex"

This cable (and series of connectors) is designed for the entertainment / stage lighting industry. In its most basic and comon form, it mimicks the act of running 6 seperate heavy duty extension cords.

When custom built with your choice of connectors, it COULD replace 9 seperate runs of SPT1/2 cable.

One of the most comon types of Socapex has (18) 16Awg conductors inside one jacket. (this is 6 hot, 6 neutral, 6 grounds) but like I said, you can use the extra grounds (since most light strings dont have a place for them) to feed more circuits.

Its NOT the cheapest solution. Altough IF you are trying to power lots of high channel count items over 50 or even 100 feet - it may save you some $$ compared to 9 runs of SPT. The pre-made stuff can be very pricey, but might make sense for some. When purchased used the price can go way down.

I would urge anyone looking to check on e-bay. lots of production companies use this stuff, and when they go under, it sells cheap!

Raw Cable -

Break In - Male Edison (stnadard AC Plug) - to female Socapex

Break Out - Female Edison - to male Socapex

MAle to Female Socapex cable

Again note the links I supplied are JUST for refference - like everything, you should go out and search for the best price. I like to buy them used off ebay.

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