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Need Help sizeing and spaceing a big light tree.

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I am wanting to build a large tree of lights. Using mini lights. Aprox 24ft tall how wide should my base be to make it look right. I was thanking of a diameter of 20 but that is o-most as tall as the tree it self. I also need some input on spacing of the mini lights is 2ft to much or to little at the base to give the desired effect. Each strand will be on its own channel. This is my first year at this and I’m trying to get some programming done but I need to know how many strains that I will be using in my tree. Thanks for any help L.M.

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This type of decoration is commonly referred to as a mega tree. Search from the main page for mega tree and you will get some hits.

Here are a couple to get you started:



You may also want to check out Logan Moore's site at:


He has a "How To" video that is really good.

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