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CMB16D with Power supply enclosures

Dan C

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I was wondering what everyone was using for an enclosure for the CMB16D and a power supply.

an 8x8x4 electrical box from home depot is too small to house the power supply I purchased. http://www.mpja.com/prodinfo.asp?number=16020+PS

and I think just a bit too big to fit into one of the LOR boxes as well.

Are rubber-made tubs acceptable? It will be located on a covered porch where it will not get direct rain/snow, but it might get some blown on it from wind.

What have you guys been using?

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My DC boards and power supplies are installed in this type of box, Demarcation Enclosures. I have 1 board and 1 power supply in each box. They sit out in my display. No problems with weather. I use a Circuit Specialist Inc 12V, 150W power supply, CSI-150W-12.


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